Bonnie Rotten Escort

Bonnie Rotten Escort

Tattooed pornstar Bonnie Rotten was born on May 9th, 1993 in Cincinnati, Ohio. She started her journey in the porn fraternity when she was 19 years old in 2012. According to the IAFD, she’s of German, Italian, Polish and Jewish descent. She retired from adult cinema around 2015 after featuring in more than 220 adult films as an actress and directing about 18 porn flicks. But in 2018 she made a comeback inking an exclusive deal with Brazzers. Does Bonnie Rotten escort however?

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Many executives, athletes and fans alike would happily break the bank if it meant they could take her out on a date. According to some online sources, Bonnie Rotten escort dates were briefly openly on offer during the initial stages of her career as some already knew. However, we think even Bonnie didn’t expect herself to become one of the top tier stars in such a short time. She has too many accolades to mention and won the AVN Performer of The Year Award in 2014.

Her claim to fame came fast and before we knew her profile on an escort site was pulled and the opportunity to secure yourself a Bonnie Rotten escort date vanished. On top of that, she married a wealthy guy in 2015 and gave birth to a beautiful daughter. In a series of Twitter posts Bonnie Rotten explained that she reached all her goals in the adult entertainment industry and pretty much announced her retirement in so many words. But the good news is that she’s back! She joined forces with Brazzers, so we can expect many new projects in the pipeline.

As of 2018, Bonnie Rotten is also focusing on feature dancing visiting various clubs throughout the country, while at the same time promoting her own brand of sex toys through her own website. So far there are no indications that she’s providing any companionship services again. Perhaps this will change in the future. Until then she will remain listed in our Non-Escorts section.

Bonnie Rotten Webcam Show

But what about Bonnie Rotten webcam shows one might wonder? Well, it’s no secret that many pornstars also do cam shows. When it comes to Bonnie Rotten, this does not happen to be the case. We did find her profile on the site Camster but she hasn’t logged in since 2012. So that should basically say enough!

Bonnie Rotten Webcam
We also browsed on her own website and we did not find any mention of cam or Skype shows for sale. It’s sad that the ways to connect with Bonnie are scarce, but unfortunately we just have to accept the situation. If there is any change in her escort/cam status, then best believe we will report it right here!