Jill Kelly Escort

Jill Kelly Escort

Ask anyone who’s in their top-10 pornstars of all time and many will without a shadow of a doubt have reserved a spot for porn legend Jill Kelly. It’s a name you simply can’t get out of your head. You still enjoy watching her videos. You’ve probably watched them all at least twice. Just like you’re probably one of the guys that knows all the lines she’s ever said. If that describes you, then you’re a diehard fan. It’s important to realize that Jill Kelly is no longer making videos. You’re not going to see her in anything new since she has been retired since 2006.

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But, that doesn’t mean you can’t interact with her. Does Jill Kelly escort in 2018? If you asked us this question a couple years ago, then “You better believe she does!” would have been our answer. Let’s face it, how many of us have dreamed about dating a beauty like her? Most of us wish we could so it doesn’t have to be a dream any more. But unfortunately the option is no longer on offer. There was a time when booking Jill Kelly escort dates was possible through Sugarbabes International.

Her companionship was on offer in Las Vegas where meeting up with her after a fun night of hitting the clubs or a day of gambling in the many casinos Sin City harvests would be a wise choice for any sane man. And anyone who had the pleasure of spending some time with her, knows that this porn Hall of Famer and winner of countless AVN, FOXE and XRCO Awards was worth it, because legends like her that have maintained their beauty so well are rare to come by. And she even accommodated her European fans by frequenting visits to London.

With an hourly rate of just $1,700 an hour we definitely believe it was a bargain. Reportedly Jill’s companionship service stopped being available around 2015. Her listing on above mentioned agencies were pulled and no new reviews have been recorded since then. Until there is any sign of Jill Kelly escort appointments being on offer again, we have migrated her to our non-escorts section. The opportunity to touch base with Jill Kelly live on cam is still there though.

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Back when Jill Kelly started her adult career online webcams weren’t even thought of. She was making movies back in the days when people were still buying VHS tapes. Because her companionship service has ceased to exist, Jill Kelly webcam shows are just the right solution for you. This perfectly aged beauty performs live on her webcam. Making fans like you happy each and every time she does. Although in her forties, she still truly looks magnificent as a mature MILF that knows how to satisfy just anyone as you can see in the image below taken at her live shows at Pornstars4Webcam.com.

Jill Kelly Webcam
Make sure you’re always a gentleman in her live chats. It’s the best way to get her attention. Don’t forget to tip. Webcam models always like that. You may even ask if she wants to go in private. It’s common for webcam models to talk to guys in private. There you may be able to ask her to do anything you want. She may even re-enact one of your favorite scenes during a cam2cam show. It doesn’t hurt to ask.