Lisa Ann Escort

Lisa Ann Escort

Adult industry legend Lisa Ann is an award-winning porn actress who started her career back in 1993. When she retired for the second time in 2014 it was widely believed that her tenure in porn ended for good as she went on to focus on other business ventures, such as hosting Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Radio. But 2018 marks the official return of Lisa Ann as one of the most decorated names in the business. She has been working on new hardcore boy-girl and solo scenes for her own website. With her looks that classify the true definition of a MILF, a Lisa Ann escort date would for sure be a dream come true for every man.

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Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to have the one and only Lisa Ann escort them around town? She was and still is one of the hottest commodities in porn with an incredible body of work consisting of over 630 adult films as a performer while also directing another 50+ flicks with appearances for basically all major production studios, including Jules Jordan, Hustler, Naughty America, and Vivid. We would say that she was at the peak of her career when she became uber famous for her Sarah Palin impersonation in ‘Nailin Palin’ and the Eminem video ‘We Made You’ besides other parody-like movies she starred in.

But is there such a thing as a Lisa Ann escort service? That’s what you’re probably here for to find out whether she can accompany you on a date. Lisa Ann never made it a secret of how much she loves hooking up with athletes, NBA players in particular. It seems that at least they have been dealt the right hand to be able to meet and date Lisa Ann. But according to her, she’s not an escort and no money exchange is involved when meeting these rich and famous athletes which she mainly gets to know by just social media.

In fact, over the course of her career she repeatedly made it known that she does not offer any type of escort services and is in fact a strong opponent of pornstars doing it. So for the average fan, there is no hope, as we regret to announce that being able to book Lisa Ann escort services will never become a reality and remain, just that, a dream. According to an interview she once held with Vlad TV, she’s actually of the opinion that escorts changed the adult industry for the worse. So it’s no surprise there that she doesn’t lend herself for companionship.

Lisa Ann Webcam Show

Your best chance to interact and chat with Lisa Ann would therefore be through a cam show. Many pornstars appear as cam models on various notable cam networks. At some point in time, Lisa Ann webcam sessions weren’t any different from that perspective. But when she retired, her shows disappeared as well. But the good is news is that she’s back! Simply make a visit to the website of where she appears frequently to touch base with her fans. Right now in 2018 that’s the only active account we found. So watching Lisa Ann live on cam is possible again.

Lisa Ann Webcam
With her return to adult cinema and the cam scene it’s great to see her pick up again where she left. Signing up to that site mentioned above is free by the way. Pornstars do live busy lives though, but you never know with Lisa Ann who might pop up when you’re least expecting it so you can interact and chat with the legend herself.